About Teal

The story of Teal Swan is one that captures the heart and soul of every spiritual journey. Referred to many as “The Spiritual Catalyst” or the “The Giggling Guide”, Teal's extraordinary extrasensory gifts and connection to the spiritual realm have been a light in the perpetual darkness of the modern age.

Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Teal was brought to the Wasatch-Cache National Forest region of Utah by her parents, both wilderness rangers, who had accepted new positions there. They were unaware of the religious climate of the region, and when word of Teal's unusual talents reached the locals, Teal was met with fear and distrust. Soon after their arrival, a family acquaintance who had learned of Teal's gifts inducted her into a cult where she was was ritualistically raped and tortured for thirteen years. At the age of 19, Teal managed to escape and began her journey as a spiritual luminary, teaching others to find the unique light in themselves that will lead them through their shadows. 

Since then, Teal has taught several workshops at locations around the world, sharing her story and her spirit. She has offered many people an opportunity to connect with the united, energetic soul of the Universe and has helped them move towards peace, despite the difficulties that they may face. Her journey, though challenging, has offered one undeniable truth to everyone who experiences it: no matter what, we can find our bliss.

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  • commented 2016-01-19 19:18:54 -0600
    Teal is a true gem for us. Through her traumatic experiences of the past, she has risen out of the ashes with her bright, strong light, being real with us and sharing powerful insights, allowing us to evolve and expand our thoughts, minds and hearts.