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  • commented 2015-11-13 13:17:52 -0600
    Open Shadow speaks volumes – owning the shadow aspects takes so much courage and strength to speak about. Teal’ story is still unclear to me at this point and don’t understand how she became involved in ‘this cult’ or what happened and would love to know more. Her message is so powerful and in many ways she has achieved something that is beyond the human experience which is to go beyond the human programming and heal teach talk share and counsel others which because of this platform im sure ‘heals teal’. Giving away to others the incredible gift of open-ness about the darkest aspects of the human condition that many would rather not talk about or keep secret is in my view the key to healing wounds so hidden and so painful that many would not have ever got up again and walked let alone spoke and given this gift to humanity. Only very high levels of Love can heal such atrocities in other words only God can heal that which has been so damaged by ‘the shadow’ aspect of humanity at its darkest. Only by the miraculous can wounds of traumas so intense be healed. There is no human treatment in my view that can do this. Teal’s life has been touched by God’s hand and shows and her life and teachings are now a wonderful precious gift to humanity – thank you for this stunning video and its message.
    Catherine x
  • commented 2015-10-17 13:26:50 -0500
    Thank you! Awesome! Love you! See you soon!XOXO ;-)